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badministrator – big paws كلمات اغاني


without me you got no chance
more overpowered than udyr but i only rock a bear stance
slash d shift-3 press to watch a bear dance
looking too closely gonna decrease your life span
this ain’t yogi bear son, i fill caskets
eat champs for lunch so you can keep your picnic baskets
you got a question don’t hesitate to ask it
but if you’re telling bear puns you can expect to get your -ss kicked
cause i can barely tolerate a joke at my expense
only accept gold, feel free to keep your two cents
loose ends focused down quicker than a zoom lens
thunder claws firing lightning bolts like i got zeus hands
(ha!) ……. excuse the big paws
had a piece of your teammate stuck between my jaws
rolling thunder catching everything i see like randy moss
toss a champ behind me turn around and chew his face off

it’s time to hibernate for a minute
your whole team is dead and half of’em don’t wanna finish
it’s ten til you can take a vote
maybe it would be best if you stay back and take notes

cause i’m about to lay the smack down on you fake bros
smash you into new shapes like you’re champion play doh
lightning bolts crash down light you up like day glo
and make you think it would have been a good idea to stay home
i bet it’s nice there, at least there’s no armored bears
i’m farming pairs of champs at a time, i hope you brought spares
#1 ursine, allied with the freljord
but if sejuani’s on the other team i’m feasting on a boar
cause when i start a fight you know i’m in a frenzy
three stacks and i bite, t–th and claws my only weaponry
low hp, chosen of the storm fill my tank up
like i bought a couple fort pots popped the corks and drank up
rank up, only get stronger as the game goes
i close in on all fours, decapitate foes
cause everyone knows a fool and his head are soon parted
too bad your nexus is blown i was just getting started