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baconisyummy & drip tarts – lunchbreak كلمات اغاني


[intro: baconisyummy]

[verse 1: drip tarts, baconisyummy, drip tarts and baconisyummy]
i’m hard my d_ck is boney (boney)
bugles chips kinda coney (coney)
eating a sandwich with baloney (baloney)
on the playstation by sony (f_ck spiderman)
skating around like tony (free my boy)
in the cave mining some stony (minecraft)
getting a call pick up my phoney (ring ring)
i’m gonna end off the rhyme with the word
look at me i’m cool flexing prime
even though it’s down at the store for $2.99
m_f_s in the uk risking their life
for a tiny taste of lemon lime
i’m still in my prime, that’s why i drink prime (notsponsoredbyprime)
i allegedly committed 17 illegal crimеs
this song is goofy here’s a bell chimе

[verse 2: drip tarts]
i really want my f_cking lunch
i’d go for anything even a nestle crunch
the guy in front of me in line would not resist
so i had to resort to my fists
first blow hit him in the face
then finally i got my barbecue lays
was mad hungry ready to destroy this sh_t
but the bag was 90% oxygen
sued lays with my 10 lawyers
i only have one pair of drawers
[verse 3: baconisyummy]
i’m on my lunch break i really want to punch drake
can’t stand one dance i prefer one make
i’m on a time crunch but still can make
time to play final fantasy 7 remake
all of you are snakes all of you are fakes
bout to take a quick visit to the lake
gotta be explicit i love the game quake
i can’t solicit but still facilitate
all you fellas that’s why i’m the goat
that’s the most white line i’ve ever wrote
don’t care still showboat
better make a prayer for a lifeboat
cause me and tarts bout to demote
all of y’all redcoats

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