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babysantana – free spaz كلمات اغاني


stop playin with me

money on my mind, i been countin’ up
said he took my girl, i dont give a f___
shooter in milwaukee, he play for the bucks
if he want the smoke, tell him (?) on me
girl i don’t want covid, do not cough on me
diamonds in my grills, got a lot of t__th
feel like tana, cause i got off the leash
(wait, that’s you)
oh wait, thats me
and if it ain’t me, then i swear thats its you
we gon’ make his (?) get a whole tattoo
i feel like carti, shoot his top out the roof
i feel like carti, make him jump out the house
i slide into her crib, and jump in her mouth
i shot him in the leg, that lil boy said (ouch)
i hit a l!ck, then we had to rerou_
then we had to reroutе
eos (?) that’s on (?)
we doin’ drills, like shoutout to kato
my brother do drill, his first namе is cayo, last name za
if he want beef, he get shot in his (boom boom)
if he want beef, he get shot in his eye
get sent to his best friend, sent to his buddy
im with my flacko, shoutout kid cudi
a_as you can tell i’m sick (boom)
but its my birthday so i don’t give a (phewww)
double cross him, since he think he so sl!ck
double cross him, cause we know he a b_ uh hm
i ain’t even gon’ say that
match the flow with the beat, now the flow laid back
we took his head off, let that boy see the reflection, ain’t nothin’ that you can take back
graah, graah, gang bout to slide with a big mac
you ain’t got za, come shop, we could fix that
glock in my hand, while the socks they mix matched
whole lotta za, got it all in a big bag
she threw it back, but it got some kickback
she want some (?) better come to the kickback
i told her i don’t got condoms, if that_
is okay with you
choppa on me make that boy sneeze, achoo
put the glock up on you, what would you do
and his windows tinted, so we shoot through the roof (boom boom boom)
yeah im the top dog (pheww)
we had to go let a hunnid’ shots off
he tried to run, so we takin his cleats off
ain’t got no gun, i hit him with the beatbox
sped up the beatbo_ (rrah)
sped up the beatbox, b_tch you can’t feel this
call up lil maajins, he might have to drill this
wait, wait, i ain’t think he was gon’ actually do it
now im finna k!ll this
this sum’ that you could get st_rdy to
opps pullin’ up, pass my homie the burner too
he tryna beatbox, choppa go beep_bop
hit him in the face, make that lil’ boy get st_rdy too
we, make him hit his dance move, look
don’t flex, you could get your stick took
in the lab like i know how to cook
ima call up his book
he gon put them (?) up
ain’t sippin tris right now, sippin (?)
we k!ll his brother, he said its bizarre
how he on a shirt, if he ain’t pass the stars?
hit him with a hook, pirate, argghh
oh my god, theres no way i just did that
alright stop recording
bro what you doin bro, stop recordin’!