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babeo baggins – team كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: babeo baggins]
i’m not a threat, i’m just a future and you’re obsolete
i’m charging up my compliments and you be changing batteries
life’s about progression but these b-tches got me stressin’
soundin’ sad and got me feelin’ type of aggressive while you smack around lawyers
uncle jessie with the speakers
do you get it?
i can blow a better foe on the inside of a cleaners
do you get it?
’cause i’m sick with it but you can’t get rid of it
nyquil to these niggas ’cause they always try to sleep on it
they almost in the remedy
they always in the area
got the dopest shit, you better ask your local carrier
can you hear me now?
can you hear me now?
is my voice clear?
hope your page and resolution is here
’cause [?] struggle
this is to where my credit at
this to having fun in candles and my marble fendi hat
i’m in mourning ’cause all y’all niggas boring
so i k!lled the game and wrote a [?]

[verse 2: babe simpson]
heard your new shit, nigga, hated it
we’re convinced the critics we are better than their average shit
nigga, we made it!
so now i’m downtown with my day one niggas
gettin’ faded
gettin’ asked if i ever get tired of barf troop runnin’ shit?
i know you hate it
doin’ 4x4s since two up and two down
and still got got two more
givin’ no fucks to who never loved us
’bout who never wanted to hear us words, what is the hey!
mazel tov to the charge
no room for you [?] out of place
doin’ numbers off the backboard
and you drawin’ blanks off the side court (court court court court c-c-c-c-court)

[verse 3: babeo baggins]
bring the horns in!

super chef, yeah, you know i cook it up
make these b-tches eat their words, yeah, you know i serve it up
and you know i’m in the crew and you know just what we do
takin’ names, this ain’t no game
yeah, we bring the beef to you
like special delivery
you been waitin’ for it
we bangin’ pots and pans so you b-tches can’t ignore it
like here you go, it’s time to cook it up
you was doin’ for a long time, time to serve it up, full plate, come and get it
yeah, you know i got seconds for you and thirds
nigga, fuck what you heard
barf troop, real shit, kick you lames to the curb
see, i said i tried to get thick
i mean real good, and i’m gettin’ good d-ck
my nigga he be brainy
my nigga be a scholar, writin’ essays to the pussy like i kicked him off the roster
yeah, i said i’m tryna get thick
i mean real good like i didn’t leave the country
[?] for the cake
sangrias for my sanity
that’s food for the soul
but i mean, he would be proud of me

[verse 3: babenstein]
fee, fi, fiddly-fum
fuck a giant, baby, hear the boogieman come
microminds flow wouldn’t matter if he run
nigga, got a couple bands
gotta stroke and strum
tell a hatin’ hoe get some dreams and aspirations
eatin’ better than these b-tches, no reservation
flip a fuckin’ coin just to choose a vacation
flip my fuckin’ shit if you fuck up my rotation
quadruple penetration
yes, i’m fuckin’ all you niggas up
bt go hard, no powderpuff
but a b-tch dykier than b-ttercup
i’m b-ttered up on that money die
bourbon chicken samples
niggas always tried it
lindsay glohan, always freaky friday
comin’ up over us?
not likely!