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autumn trauma - studio lyrics


blazin’ in 2014__

yo, it’s ya boy weed, rollin’ up some sweet rhymes

talkin’ ’bout them 2014 b_tches, money, cash, and dimes

smokin’ on that loud, feelin’ so fine

livin’ life to the fullest, all the d_mn time

yeah, we poppin’ bottles, makin’ it rain

chasin’ after dreams, no time for the pain

ridin’ in the whip, feelin’ so fly

2014 b_tches, money, cash, oh my

weed is the name, spittin’ fire on the track

all about that life, ain’t no lookin’ back

livin’ in the moment, takin’ what’s mine
2014 b_tches, money, cash, divine

so light it up, pass it around

let the good times roll, feelin’ profound

blazin’ in 2014, makin’ it last

weed keepin’ it real, present and past

so roll up another one, raise up a toast

to the memories we made, the ones we love most

2014 b_tches, money, cash, let it flow

weed’s here to stay, put on a show

livin’ in the moment, feelin’ so alive

2014 b_tches, money, cash, we thrive

blazin’ in 2014, holdin’ it down
weed droppin’ rhymes, wearin’ the crown

so that’s the story, that’s the plan

2014 b_tches, money, cash, take my hand

weed got you covered, we’re in this together

blazin’ in 2014, now and forever

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