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autumn trauma - hustle hard demo lyrics


__”chasin’ dreams in 2014″__

yeah, yeah, yeah

rollin’ in the city, feelin’ pretty

livin’ life like it’s a movie, no pity

2014, b_tches, money, cash, yeah, witty

got the swag, got the style

always smilin’, never vile

chasin’ dreams, mile by mile

in this game, gonna leave a legacy, it’s my trial

b_tches in the club, they want a piece of the pie

money stackin’ up high, reachin’ for the sky

cash flow steady, no need to ask why
livin’ the high life, never gonna die

2014 was the yеar we owned

every movе calculated, every chance honed

b_tches on speed dial, never alone

money in our pockets, empire newly grown

chasin’ dreams in 2014, we came out on top

b_tches, money, cash, never gonna stop

livin’ large, can’t be brought down with a drop

rollin’ in style, on the mountaintop

2014, b_tches, money, cash

livin’ life with a splash

rollin’ forever, never gonna crash
chasin’ dreams, leave ’em in a gasp

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