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audrey horne – sail away كلمات اغاني


i don’t need to write it down
i’ve known these lines by heart for years
but everytime i try they seem to lack a certain elegance
anyway i wanted you to know that i’ll be staying in this year
cause i believe you’re better off without me here

i’m sinking
you’re fading
this ship has been lost at sea
i’m drowning
you’re leaving
that’s how it is

treading water’s never been a thing for me

so long it’s been a very good year
and i know it takes a lifetime to repay
all i ever wanted was to sail away
but i got caught up in the waves along the way

thought i found myself
had a bucketful and threw it all away
so long, it’s all gone now
this year, yeah, i spent it all
i only did it to prove i could