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audrey horne – darkdrive كلمات اغاني


time to face this darkness and move on
where do we go when n-body lights our way
stumbling through the dark on our own
with broken bones, trying to get out of here
where do we go and how come they follow us?
(we’re never on our own.)
why do they keep on messing around with us?
(we’ll never get away.)
safe and sound and still on our own
but not for long, as they all came marchin’ in
everyone would gather around
they wanna know how e got out of here
away from the dark, away from the cold
and the ghosts that haunts us here
we fought our way out and into the light…
but you pulled us right back in
you dragged us away, you dragged us to h-ll
we’re adored by your sweet smell
but this is the end where we draw the line…
oh my god, you’re so divine