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audrey horne – bridges and anchors كلمات اغاني


ten years in a comatose, i always knew i would get out of here someday
somebody’s gonna come around and burn this caravan down to the ground
locked in among these animals, i can’t sleep when they look at me this way
i’m gonna get my fingers burned to the bone, leaving ashes you can dust for prints
d-mn the bridges i forgot to burn and every stone that’s been left unturned for years, long gone now
f-ck the anchors that’s been left at sea
it goes to show it wasn’t meant to be for me… not for me
shot down and put to sleep again
this is the last resort for me and the boys
we’re never ever giving in, oh no!
we’re standing put, and we’ll get by on
time, coffee, pills and cigarettes
i had a plan, the blueprints, and a gun
but here’s the brutal truth: there’s no escape from this mothership
so here’s what you get for staying inside, too long on your own, shoveling sh-t… your ‘re never getting out
i know you’ve been told that the doors are unlocked
so what? this is home… it’s all that we’ve got… we’re never going out
for those who tried, for those who never made it
for those who ran but never came far enough
for those who bled and poured out their heartache
your sacrifice will be recognized one day
for those who did more than what’s required
for those who sang, for those who inspired
for those who laughed while the rest of us were crying… here’s a shout… you made us feel alive