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au soul – she كلمات اغاني


(verse) au soul
she say she miss me she can’t get enough
diamonds shine like chandelier

we bright enough to make the sunshine jealous with propellers we be flying costal

living life like supposed she just missed this flight and now she sending voicemails

i can’t get em
got no service we too high up here

signing clouds my atmosphere filled up with that purple haze for days i’m working we don’t sleep

she just pulled a billie jean

i can say she mine of course this lifestyle i been living got women looking for intercouse

ignore inquires

concerned with fires my rhythms nice

no love for my competition like my heart was made of ice

this the lifestyle that i chose
won’t ever waist what i been given

politic with politicians

we just let our money talk

different days i’m faithful to this hustle

can’t resist it if i wanted to

this is who i am and wouldn’t change it if they paid me to

(verse 2) au soul
she say she love me she can’t get enough

in love with all this fancy living


shoes and dresses

when i’m on the road she tripping

saying things that break our promises

she know she got a man at home

but she don’t want no corners

she want me but she can’t have me

cause this music got me rolling stoned

papa was a rolling stone

and momma taught me on her own

never love that women unless she got her own

but see my story different cause i know i’m in it on my own

these snakes and vultures watching and hoping to catch me slipping
code name cobra commander
i’m on a mission

let’s send a spark to the armies we raising through the music

my mental useful

i’m switching students

meet danielson

tiger style vicious i left the jungle a champion

forever woke my thirdeye free the robots

that’s why she got those soul ties

in love with how i know mine it’s life

escape the matrix

then master patients

my keys to life

i spar with dragons

and clash with the titans
i know i’m nice