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atmosphere – millennium dodo 2 كلمات اغاني


“millennium dodo 2”

never run of the mill when i shoot the pill
i’m a son of a spill, i’ve got boots to fill
showed up with a deuce-deuce of swill
and a guardian angel on my coupe de ville
shark in the lake, heart strike the drum
mark landscape with a dart-like tongue
spit my blood from deep in the gut
smoking cigarette b-tts with my fingerless gloves
pull over at the welcome sign
and raise a toast to those that fell behind
everybody else got a crippled spine
from tryna take it back to a simple time
keep a little pine tree, hang from my rearview
beats turned up just enough not to hear you
gonna swim till the fins get torn
i shall return, keep the engine warm

millennium dodo
pull out your telephone and take you a photo
you didn’t know? better read the logo
you don’t wanna play around and get ocho
recline like i don’t care
the world is mine and i ain’t gon’ share
now everybody blow smoke in the air
i keep my eyes on the road, but i know that you stare

now i was at the party sleeping on the couch
when i decided to grab a bottle of something and bounce
i’d rather be by myself
than have to navigate another fake cry for help
on the beaten path with a bandaged fist
to represent the last half of the d-mn i give
play me in slow-mo’, fly like a blimp
millennium dodo, drive with a limp
windows down, heater blasting
got my coffee but i need some aspirin
watch me merge into speeding traffic
with the truck-stop plastic, cheap sungl-sses
show respect
you broke down on the side of the road, wanna choke my neck
i’ve got a glovebox full of stolen checks
and i drink moonshine that the chrome reflects


flannel, look like a farmer
underneath camo, look like a hunter
with that ski mask, look like a robber
sleeping in the barn with the doctor’s daughter
got stories to wax, pour me a gl-ss
i run with the ghosts of warriors past
south side, call it pop life
y’all catch frostbite waiting at a stoplight
all over the map we get festive
it’s a matter of cl-ss
you can tell by my lack of attractive skeptics
you just mad at my moustache
hey girl, we’ll always have memphis
but right now, i want breakfast
with the pedal to the metal till we hit west texas
then cross to mexico to see my dentist