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arthur somervell – come into the garden, maud كلمات اغاني


come into the garden, maud
for the black bat, night, has flown
come into the garden, maud
i am here at the gate alone;
and the woodbine spices are wafted abroad
and the musk of the rose is blown

for a breeze of morning moves
and the planet of love is on high
beginning to faint in the light that she loves
on a bed of daffodil sky
to faint in the light of the sun she loves
to faint in his light, and to die
all night have the roses heard
the flute, violin, bassoon;
all night has the casеment jessamine stirr’d
to thе dancers dancing in tune:
till a silence fell with the waking bird
and a hush with the setting moon

queen rose of the rosebud garden of girls
come hither, the dancers are done
in gloss of satin and glimmer of pearls
queen lily and rose in one;
shine out, little head, sunning over with curls
to the flowers, and be their sun

there has fallen a splendid tear
from the passion_flower at the gate
she is coming, my dove, my dear;
she is coming, my life, my fate;
the red rose cries, “she is near, she is near;”
and the white rose weeps, “she is late;”
the larkspur listens, “i hear, i hear;”
and the lily whispers, “i wait.”

she is coming, my own, my sweet;
were it ever so airy a tread
my heart would hear her and beat
were it earth in an earthy bed;
my dust would hear her and beat
had i lain for a century dead;
would start and tremble under her feet
and blossom in purple and red