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armoni – f.u.g كلمات اغاني


verse 1
when these f.u.g’s try to talk to me
i run down the hall gotta bob and weeve
and next thing you know they try to hang wit me
and then after that they gone rap with me
and these f.u.g’s roll the eyes at me
gotta knock they eyes out so that they cannot see
knowing good and well they wanna be me
they copy me like my success is the key
having them run up a tree
float like a b-tterfly sting like a bee
blind to the bs i really can’t see
they really think they can mess with me
i am the boss of the show
yall should already know
and then try copy my flow
bout that action go pro
ayo her jermaine i’m feeling so so
yall keep play games like yall dashie
black to white like yall ashy
wearing baggs man yall trashy
went from boujiee to cl-ssy
kryspie kreme gone be flashy
nevermind man yall g-ssy
if im sweating girl rag me
popping tags like its acne
if u talk about me tag me
oh, oh, oh

fug squad x2 fug fug fug squad x2

verse 2
yall shouldve heard my last song problem
and when they try to fight me yall better stop em
catherina trynna fight me imma rock her
imma do you like the blue guy from rock em sock em
and then you all up in my face why?
peppered sprayed with some mace ha
f.u.g’s trynna steal my place
drop my phone on its face but it got a case tho
imma bring the heat what you bringing to the plate tho
if you bring the pop imma sing a major key note
maybe run away from home cause imma pull a t-to
left the school untouched and u ready to fight tho
be a good girl play double dutch thats what i thought tho
they try to be cool i ain’t gotta try
they fall in love when i say 4 bars its like wifi
and if they dont like it go bye bye
shhhh and go night night

fug x2 fug fug fug squad x2