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aphect – nightmares كلمات اغاني


[part 1]

finally had a good day thankfully i am okay

no signs of my decay pounded my chest like d.k

get to rest my head sleeping on my bed

got a freak in sheets it was just a dream (woah!)

woke up in another nightmare i got tight air these b_tches don’t wanna fight fair

woke up and might fear the fear might takeover i’ve got a white hair nightmares

turned to reality turning to fantasy, why does the enemy look like me? (why?)

burnt the little me burning the energy i wanna blow my mind like kennedy

hold up, hold up, hold up now, how does the ground taste, does the found fade

does the sound change, does the crown hang? so many questions and answers are going away

a batman to bad man a mad man to wack man

now i’m just trying to think of my life like, what is my sacrifice? what is my lifetime?

she giving me brain she giving me p_ssy i didn’t even ask i didn’t even pay

she giving me names she told me “right there” i’m only teasing i’m only playing

now i’m going in for the k!ll then reviving it that is my thrill
she just got filled she ain’t on pills, how does it feel to… (wait!)

what the f_ck? what the f_ck is up? you haven’t even been woken the f_ck up son

drop a tear drop a blood you had your fun but the run has only begun son one

day you’ll finally learn the importance of being heard

i gave you this curse the talent to write a verse now go and make your herd (word)

how amazing brother we get to walk these streets and mother

doesn’t have to worry about another taking our life’s just like father

hold up we are in cali even in the riches of ally’s

someone can get caught nasty just go ahead and ask ally

someone pulled a pump out the trunk and had a slug stuck to the chest of chuck (d_mn)

it don’t matter if you got the funds it’s not sufficient enough to save you ask bruce bruh
(yeah, yeah) we need a hero (yeah, yeah) that’s what the kiddo

(yeah, yeah) is all he wrote (yeah) plus he left a note

what the f_ck am i supposed to do when all of these demons are fiending for my living and grinding for

my existence? my exit is looking excellent but momma ain’t raised no b_tch (okay)

[part 2]

whether the weather is in my favor or not the juggernaut will tear apart a pair of bars and put in terror thoughts

leather face sent letters chained with a pen and page saying “you better change the rage” now i’m deranged

f_cking b_tch this is my decree i’m calling (colin) kaepernick to teach you how to get on one knee to get

begging f_ck depending or even pending for my pen ink to do something great or something

(ay!) what’s the problem with falling? i did that sh_t before i was even walking

now look at me i’m out here running from my problems it’s a problem within itself

(yeah, yeah) i need me a better health (yeah, yeah) maybe a better sh_ll

(yeah… yeah) maybe a better realm (woo!) let me go visit h_ll

i’ve been dating death but we’ve long distance wondering when i’m gonna see her again i miss it

trying to figure out when i’ll wake up

trying to figure out when i’ll wake

trying to figure out when i’ll