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anhelix – closure كلمات اغاني


verse 1:
he made you feel so special that you forgot your self
apparently, he was makin’ you fool
when we we were at school
and randomly he
brought you  the food
which i kept for you on the delph
yeah, on the delph

verse 2:
have no idea, why you trusted that, piece of sh-t
believe me, i knew everything but i didn’t divulge it
maybe it’s my fault or maybe not
but i really want you to stay away from that f-ggot

come a bit closer
imma take you to the moon
come a bit closer imma hold you till it’s noon
let go off those fights and hold me tight
cuz you be my stars and i’ll be your night

verse 3:
i won’t lie, babe i would rather flaunt
please don’t run, i promise i would never daunt
and if you want we can go for a crazy jaunt
above all, you the one that i really want

verse 4 (rap):
all our fellas know, that you did me f-ckin’ wrong
but for you and only you, i forgot ’em all
lemme find my way out, cuz you ain’t commin’ back
lemme earn some bucks for my mom my dad
ain’t gonna scold you for those f-ckin’ old stuff
infact i’ll try to crack some jokes, so that i could make you laugh
baby, baby, baby please don’t cry
just pick up the phone and lets talk till hazy night
i was the one who would take you to the
we could live our lives so cool following the trend
despite of all the barriers and obstacles we face
just hold my hand, we’ll together endup the race
trust me baby boo, you the one i want
you asked me to understand the meanin’ of life
you the only one who made me feel so special
i swear to you my love, i’ll keep you safe in the bethel

verse 5:
i left you with a dime
you left me with a punchline
sorry, ain’t blaming you this night
infact i just want you on a ride

verse 6:
every single day i think of you, remembering how it all used to be
i couldn’t sleep, haunted dreams keep k!llin’ me, babe k!llin’ me
your words got stuck to the back of my head
please prove me wrong when i guess you want me dead

verse 7:
sob, sniffles and smiles, every night i remember those fights
my alarm rings at five, and the sun shines
day dreamin’ ’bout you night cryin’ for you
it happens every day and obvs sad nights too

verse 8:
and you left, but i understand you needed time
you got a guy, whose deeds were equal to crime
she lately understood, realised
her mistakes
she apologized, and accepted her ex was fake

girl i’m beggin’ on my knees
please come back to me
i’ll stand by you when it’s harder
just wanna be your perfect partner

no one would ever urge you for a coffee or a tea
like the way i did, cause you were my specialty
no guys out there would ever kiss the wound at your knee
i would never deny to do so, i’ll treat you like royalty