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amzbdt – ​sleet كلمات اغاني


this that underground sh_t, just sprint out the subway
only got five bucks and my foot long python, d_ck bar
swerving on sleet
just dropped this and my ex_girl’s got it on repeat
and your new girl too
don’t think you safe just because you kiss on youtube
i been crying on cam since 2019
that’s the name of the tape, this my can u be
look me down the barrel of the f_ckin’ camera lens
tell me that you see it, where this lil’ story end
i don’t see the light inside, that’s why i can’t stop
so i’m fighting to the top, nah i can’t stop
and i’m bouncing, taking shots at my homies
f_ck an ami feature, i’ll namedrop and stay my ass lonely
cause if i throw another rapper on this song it k!ll the mеssage
and i’ve been stutterin’ for too long

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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