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amigo the devil – covenant كلمات اغاني


driving ’round areas
where women’ll only please you in exchange for some small change
it’s not really easy as a white male

tonight’s no different
i eat dinner, excuse myself
i tell my wife and kids i gotta go to the office
the kids stare and they don’t really care anyway
i don’t even know what they’re learning in school

i fill up the mercedes, f_cking gas prices
this means i’ll have to go a little cheap tonight
just find her and f_ck her and head home

on my drive home i can still taste her
she was dirty, she was sloppy
i begin driving sloppy

when i get to a red light, i’m still not out of the area
my door opens and someone seems pretty firm
there’s a gun to my cheek and he yells
“get the f_ck out of the car”

“okay,” i tell him
i thank him, i get out, and he drives off
this made things a lot easier for me
i wish i could see his reaction when the cops find her body in the trunk

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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