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amanda marshall – colleen (i saw him first) كلمات اغاني


colleen (i saw him first)

let me tell you about colleen
my best friend since i was three
she always had a taste for dangerous things
her scandalous tongue was extreme
i was always the one left holding the bag
smiling and covering her tracks
best friends, they always do that

she was the first to smoke a cigarette
she once let me watch her make love
it was the kind of balance made by kings
she took it all, but left me some
i guess i always thought she’d have my back
but it didn’t work out like that
the moment i laid eyes on jack


it was my time, it was my sp-ce
it was the bright red he brought to my face
every underdog has their day
sorry it hurts
but colleen i saw him first

it all happened on a thursday
he backed his car right into mine (crash, boom, bang!)
“there are no accidents”, my mother told me once
my heart agreed with her this time
colleen jumped out of the car, screaming
“what have you done?!”
jack offered apologies
i just got weak in the knees


the minute that your in it
you know there’s no turning back
like me and my jack
a funny thing
to feel the weight of the pendulum swing
when it starts to swing

colleen armed with charm and body
still couldn’t take away my man
last i heard, she was in rehab
i guess that scale got outta hand
covered from head to toe in colored tatoos
searching for higher views
hungry for i love you’s


colleen i saw him first