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alukah – dead language كلمات اغاني


cut the chords and let the curtains fall
fray every string and embrace the spiral
trapped and loosing all sense of direction
embrace the pain and bow down

if they believe in those golden gates
there’s no godd_mn chance they’re getting in
pry open these mouths that enslave
and starve them dry of sanity

now the weight falls onto our shoulders
but this isn’t over (this isn’t over)
all of the friction now clogs up the system
leaving us with nothing but a world full of
snakes, rats, haters and harlots
cleansing this earth with brute force and panic

they lie to your face
and ask for praise
just like pigs in the slaughter
fighting for scr_ps
you’re all f_cking worthless

كلمات أغنية عشوائية

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع