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alkasp – finkle friday كلمات اغاني


i walk into the club spin their heads around to look at me
i’m such a godd_mn snack that you need a cookbook recipe

throw my hat back, logo front, don’t think less of me


uh, my rhymes are epic, and the beats are tight, with your
supbar bars
don’t be a fair fight, you wanna take the gamble? then hey
let’s go
enough preamble, time for the show
maybe you think there is no one better than you
but if you beat me
i’ll give you my games too. hey dj! let the record spin
may the very
best rappеr standing here win. (uh)

(the winnеr, 18_volt)
godd_mn youngsters and their rap music
what did you say grandpa? (hahaha)
i said “i don’t care for your hip_hop.”
well what the f_ck do you want us to do? classical?
(i’ve had enough of you f_cking youngsters
i f_cking hate you.)
oh, there he goes


to be on my level, you gotta stand on a stool
now listen up, b_tch you’re about to get schooled

grab a bucket of water, cause i’m on fire
i’d say i can’t rap, but then i’d be a liar

your rhymes are cheap, mine are richer than gold
your game’s so dead, it’s covered in mold
bow down to me, i’m the king of rap
beat is so boring, i’ma need a nap
you’re down in last, i’m in first place!
my rhymes will blast you off, right off into sp_ce!
you look like my cousin, whom i really hate
i wouldn’t even give you scr_ps off my plate
you’re just a chump, i’m a superstar!

(eh, no?)

you drive a piece of sh_t, how can you even call that a


well_ uh, you’re ugly, so

(yeah, good one.)

and at least my dad’s not dead

(what the f_ck? you can’t say that!)

yeah, b_tch

f_ckin’ assh0l_, you wanna fight?

yeah, i do wanna fight b_tch