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alex blue - sh'ma (these waters) lyrics


[verse 1]
a mother let go of her child
when the great rolling river was kinder than men
yocheved, she prayed he’d remember her love
as her tears washed him into the nile
a woman she stood at the edge
of the water she wept with her timbrel in hand
miryam, she sang though she knew not her fate
and the water like mеrcy gave way

sh’ma yisrael
adonai elohеinu
sh’ma yisrael
adonai, adonai echad

[verse 2]
a mother she stood on a pier
she crossed the atlantic, its violence and grace
sofia, she cradled her sarah and sang
may these people be kinder to you

sh’ma yisrael
adonai eloheinu
sh’ma yisrael
adonai, echad
baruch shem kavod
malchuto, l’olam va’ed
[verse 3]
now i stand here at the shore
of lake michigan, watch my boy play in the waves
centuries passed, did the tide every change?
will i too cross these waters one day?
will i too cross these waters?

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