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akai solo – cudi كلمات اغاني


these massive projects are all completely done by a volunteer force
volunteers means n0body’s trained for the job
and you cannot fire them for inefficiency because they’re volunteers
at the same time, even if they’re holding a key position, at any time without notice they can just vanish
you manage an organization like this, you will go crazy in no time
that’s my job
which is a sure route to madness
if i was not as well established as i am within myself, it would have drivеn me bonkers

yo, heroism doеsn’t pay bills
crime is appealing, caught thrills
yo, desensitization’s real
he sp_wn better to the k!lls
cats running bank heists like deli runs
on the weekend, uh
weakness always tryin to get a peek in
limits lay waste to the potential landscape
[?] see bad faith
the only thing fixed for me is a meal
moms missing me more
shorty know what and how i’m dealing with or
modern day pirate alchemist
making regalia out of realia i ran off with
copped the kicks with showchip
sh_t, i only dip when i’m bored, not really
duty be ringing my metal jack
my soul feel the urgency
in the morning, body banged up
sleeping luffy on the fouton, sh_t f_cked up
silently furious
i bisect the foolishness, air flows through
then i reflect on what i dissected
dismantle dead presidents’ themed agendas
internal motivations always fan my flames better
i’on’t know about you, dog
but if it wasn’t for cudi, i woulda never heard of david guetta
what i need a glock for?
wear my aura clearing hat and street blocks
we was choppin’ samples and ample temples down to size
the same veins, different vessels
the body really want trouble
the ones that do inebriated off trauma
chatting crazy sh_t
moving about light
moral decline is inevitable
as a method, devalidating decency
get that f_ck sh_t up out my index