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airospace – interlude كلمات اغاني


when do you write normally?
i mean, is it up at night?

oh yea, it’s at night
when i quit the post office, you know, i used to go to work at 6:18 pm
so i would look at the clock, it’d say 6:18 pm, i’d sit down on the typewriter and i’d start typing
but it was much more joyful because i had a drink, or a cigar, with the radio on
it was a better job, much better

so, did you work every night?

no _ to begin with, yea, i was petrified, i thought i couldn’t make it, y’know
i was gonna be a professional writer
so, there was a lot of fear there, i have to admit
because i didn’t have any money, and um
i had to write a lot of dirty stories for the s_x magazines
to get money so i could write the other stuff
so, the stories later became famous, these s_x stories
that i was writing for a buck, y’know

and they’re all published?

yea, and they got published in _ as real literature

oh, real literature?
well see, all i wanted was s_x in a story
so what i tried to do was put s_x in and put the real thing around it
so _ well, they had to have s_x, so
if i write a story, and somewhere, i’d just drop in some s_x, y’know
then i’d go telling my story

and where would you get your inspiration?


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