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air – one hell of a party كلمات اغاني


one h-ll of a party

please do not follow where i am leading
someone must clear these things away
here in the burnt out husk of the morning
struck out with nothing left to say

yeah this was one h-ll of a party
n-body ever got to bed
but the morning after’s killing me
and i have to rest my head

and just where were we trying to get to
i can’t recall one single word
and the faces that pushed themselves before you
congeal into one, nothing transferred

this was one h-ll of a party
and it’s still living in my head
but the morning after shines so cold
so follow where i live

this was one h-ll of a party
n-body got to go to bed
let’s face it now, it’s over
but this morning after’s killing me