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addie pray – regression كلمات اغاني


telephone wires dripping from heavy sound
i’m alone again but i think that is how i like it
and someone’s radio voice keeps ringing in my head tonight
this strange regression, i collapse into my bed at night

in maps and photographs i have something to hold on to
i don’t wanna talk to you now, so i’ll never leave my bedroom
cuz it hurts to remember the weekends we spent before
but now i am jaded and these memories can’t hurt me anymore

countless sundays drive past your house, windows down, stereo loud
hoping you’ll see me, hear me, i’m a stalker but i am not proud
cuz it’s easier for me to languish than to open up my mouth
i won’t tell you how i feel so my stillness weirds you out

streets i used to recognize look more like road maps when i go
i’m too tired to run into somebody i used to know
maybe i’ll see you later if i ever change my mind
but you won’t call and i won’t answer, it’s what happens every time

and i feel different now, more different than i ever felt back then
but i still paralyze myself so i guess high school never ends
so for now i’ll just lay here and never open my eyes
this strange regression, i collapse into my bed at night