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abyss above – world casket (ft. andreas bjulver of cabal) كلمات اغاني


we live on borrowed time
suffocating in the wake of the dying sun
salvation has been denied
staring down the barrel of our mortality
rampant we descend into chaos
chaos of the shroud
shedding their blood for
place of warmth under the sun
under the sun
find your place, rot in shame
we’re the ones who built this h_ll
spineless, thoughtless rats
trapped in your grave
only constant understood but never accepted is death
acceptance is death
there is no greater goal to achieve
downward spiral of humanity
feel the smoke fill up your lungs
vision of the earth forever scorched
forever scorched

behold the great despair
hear the screams of the weak
as the world is encased, sealed away
destined to fail, this is how we rot again
i have heard the echoes of the end, now i shall embrace silence of death

rot in shame
make your peace with the dead
watch this world turn black
rot in shame
find your grave
world casket
world collapses
tides will rise
encased, souls devoured
screams are getting louder
screams getting louder
this place has become our casket
laid to waste, given death