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abedifyy – madness (prod. by darkboysantana x atis) كلمات اغاني


[intro: abedifyy]
that girl wanna f-ck with me madness
no no one f-cks with you past tense
think you’re all cool but you’re a has-been
i’ve been getting all these girls like magic
honestly you’re just tragic, you cannot step on my level
riding around oh you’re such a rebel
that ain’t no diamond that sh-t is a pebble

[verse 1: abedifyy]
get on my level
no you cannot get on my level
they flooded my wrist and they flooded the bezel
all your sh-t is made out of metal
i know bare sh-t on you, you know nothing on me
told her hop in the coupe, no she won’t call the police
yeah, my diamonds flood the beach
knew from the start that you were a leech
you should be put on a leash
my max form, i ain’t reach
imma turn into a beast
murdering all these beats
like who is you, i don’t know
hit it once then i got to go

[verse 2: abedifyy]
madness that sh-t is madness
that old boy can’t compare
that sh-t is madness
i am the best out here
my diamond my neck out here
my vision like water very clear
i was the boy she was telling you to fear
riding around in the coupe
yeah, she blow me like soup
pull up on me i send the troops
yeah they be running up on your goons
diamond up on me you know i’m the best
diamond up on me you know imma flex
all them b-tches chase me for the checks
like d-mn, who’s next

[verse 3: overiide]
pull up, pull up, pull up like it’s madness (madness)
nah f-ck that scratch this
pull up, pull up cleanly glerery
you don’t know what you say
till you get knocked out dreamin’
pull up, pull up you see what you see and you get what you get
now pay the man or go deep in the debt
and you better check with mans in the city
or you won’t see the next day ever again
now the man wants to talk this and that
but he doesn’t wanna deal with the gat
but he wants to see the diamonds and the fame
but can’t even make a living the same
this ain’t just a game
it’s a hustle for the real ones
who stay no play who stay and drill some
but we get no way to the day
where they say f-ck this and go away
stay always in the lane with the boys
you know we don’t play no games
this is where we stay true and the same
no no i don’t like no lame
we cuttin’ in, this it ain’t no train
let’s get it up
run it up like the bank
done a heist now it’s up to the gang
first do your job
gettin’ this and that
we don’t finish we always high
can’t be seen or else you might die
time for you goofies to be gone and fly
you know i’m always overiide
i’m on this beat now it’s time for me to say goodbye

[bridge: abedify]
walked right in d-mn
diamonds my wrist dance
you’re the prey and i’m the mantis
yeah my drip is like atlantis

[outro: overiide]
water splash
hit a dash
got some cash then swerve and crash
not a word, we got to hurry
get to the bag before all of these furries
you keep talking then your -ss keep walking
wanna get slapped up
i don’t wanna hear it
gonna hit you so hard you became a spirit
now you became delirious