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9th wonder – party life كلمات اغاني


(intro: jay-z)
break out the red lights, welcome to the party life
welcome to the 70′s… sweeeet!

(verse: jay-z)
ordered some patreezy, while talkin to this breezy
brushin off my three-piece, i make this look too easy
so tall and lanky, my suit, it should thank me
i make it look, good to be this hood meyer lansky
mixed with lucky lefty, gangster effortlessly
papa was a rolling stone it’s in my an-ces-try
i’m in a whole ‘nother league, n-gg-s never catch me
and i sport fly sh-t, i should win the espy

(break: jay-z)
hehehehe… baby i said i-i sport, fly sh-t
i should win the espy
i’m really in another league, babe
i got a slick mouth, you might wanna roll with me

(verse: jay-z)
i’m on the bra strap, she’s on my d-ck
ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, that’s my biiitch!
i be the boss of that, i’m on her shiiit
so all you n-gg-s fall back, i’ll split ya wiiig
she’s my little quarterback – ya dig?
cause i’m all that in the sack; yeah, ya dig?
i spoiled her, foiled it if you fakin jax
she’s used to million dollar vacations
f-ck y’all gon’ do with that?

(break: jay-z)
ay baby, see
when you’re used to filet mignon
it’s kinda hard to go back to hamburger helper
it’s your choice though baby

(is you rollin, rollin, rollin)
yeah, baby, is you rollin?
(head into the party life)
you can stall out or ball out
(is you rollin, rollin, rollin)
make a choice
(headin-headin to the party life)
it’s so gangster, baby

(verse: jay-z)
sippin on my pinot got me cooler than pacino
and deniro put together my real life is like “casino”
they should pay me for some b-roll
takin g-strokes through the ghee-to
when rap-pap-pap-pid fire’s just a neccesary evil
hola ho-vi-to, cooler than ze-ro
be-low, fresh one blade, no chemo
art with no easel, please it’s no equal
your boy’s “off the wall” these other n-gg-s is t-to

(break: jay-z)
d-mn! ay baby i said i’m
i’m “off the wall” i’m like a young michael jackson
these other n-gg-s is t-to
shout out to randy, hehehehe
real talk!
i’mma just let this ride out
i might let it ride out for like seven minutes
you can groove to it, whatever
get your two step – aowww!
guru, turn the lights down
let’s keep it smooth
this that sh-t you roll up, like a lil’ tight j to
sip your lil’ wine, whatever your vice is you know
whatever you like to do
get into your comfort zone baby, get into yo’ comfort
head into the party life
i don’t even want it to stop though, f’real though