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8lak3_ – run tha clocks كلمات اغاني


taking a trip in the rodeo
always go under the metronome
makin these waves, what i want
driving these ladies get crazy i thought

never afford what i want i
drive around with an accord, never on ‘cord
wearing these lime green crocs
b_tches get me like these like green socks

yes i am at the top
weigh me down b_tch i run the clock
bake me a cake like i wanna f_ck we
got to the room now you wanna play fort

laughing away like you wanna gеt paid
your only fan cuz you failed onlyfans
looking at you like you wanna get laid
no morе no more i dont wanna get aids

im driving in the war so f_ck the moscow
feeling the breeze inside my de tomaso
i drive too fast crash a family of four
although i had a feeling they were poor
that’s right, i knew they were poor
i knew they had had money left for more
that’s why i’m robbin there job and
tooken there point
and pick a there pockets
and pick out there sockets
well that’s too bad
they were in the way when i was running from the storm
they were the ones not avoiding the swarm
“protect ukraine from these terrorist attacks”
well, let me tell you something
as long as we disagree we will always be in war
world leaders rather push their ideas then there people

i love water more than walter
i take blotters, you 5 dollars
think ill buy me, la ferrari
im that e.t, burry atari

dunk hunt you like contra
smoke some weed, hit ganja
i’m on columbine
i’m not trans, i don’t bind

taking it slow, i got nowhere else to go
moving a moment, next to jamie
skating a verti, it’s not rainy yeah

spitting fire pretty hard
f_cking arana like i’m hard
fading my money cause i’m hard
crash the tesla cause i’m hard

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