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6fbh – undertime كلمات اغاني


they say hope begins in the dark
but most just flail around in the blackness
searching for their destiny
the darkness
for me
is where i shine
rainfall, yeah

[verse 1]
rainfall down from the sky
still though, my face is dry
out cold, my chest on ice
till dawn no shutting eyes
there’s nowhere i could hide
who sold me this surprise?
this wonderful advice
“it’s gonna be alright”
in mold, cut down to size
and broke my petty mind
i don’t feel very fine
it’s what i can’t deny
i call for the demise
i know it won’t be nice
no one i can rely on
hopes steady decline
my fault for all the lies
been told too many times
my thoughts work overtime
my corpse works undertime
under pressure, undercover
but never understood
and it’s a pleasure to recover
what i probably shouldn’t, yeah
[verse 2]
empaca tus cosas y vamos, a little bit of spanish
going rápidamente on them motherf_ckers living lavish
coming straight out of a gutter, at last hoping i’ll be banished
there is still not a big lot of things up in my head to cherish
and i really don’t wanna be the one tippy_toeing till i perish
and i’m buried in the sand of time, forgotten, just to vanish
yet there’s plenty of energy that i still gotta replenish
any enemy better be off in the wind somewhere not saying sh_t
i’m never to be a fit, but don’t want you to relate
just to be acknowlegded with this carnage to date
n0body wanna be giving a f_ck when i suffer in pain, but they’re sick of the fact they’re the same
and i’m gonna be waking them up when i’m breaking them off of the comatose state
and i be sticking to the plan of making amends so i can make the ends meet
before a man meets the end, hopefully not so hastily
made out with the death, made it out just barely
but what’s the most scary is that at last it will not spare me

most people tiptoe their way through life
hoping they make it safely to death
it’s not safe here, never has been
it’s best you run for your dear life
right now
six feet below h_ll

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