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600breezy – rio flow كلمات اغاني


(my n_gga johnny got another one) stupid_ass n_ggas
(accolades next to spin) hm, yeah

[verse 1]
it’s the iceman, come get a p
that ice in, i got my meth plug from tennessee
i don’t know that calboy n_gga but they envy me
and wesco sellin’ me a grade for like ten a g
chains on flexin’ for the hoes, b_tch, i’m mister t, huh
touch more grits than my grand_mamie
stop mentionin’ them, psh, i’m not the d_mn papi
shirt off flexin’ for the hoes, b_tch, i’m lil’ semi
you can get a nuck for buck just like lil’ scr_ppy, n_gga
hundred ‘bows off a lil’ scammy
i ain’t talkin’ ’bout no awards but, b_tch, i got them grammys
2012, state conspiracy, i had twenty wrappies
out of jail, hair nappy as h_ll like your f_ckin’ mami
just paid a cluck fifty bucks for a hundred xannies
coronavirus ain’t stoppin’ sh_t, we still hand to handin’
throwin’ footb_lls down the field, f_ck patrick ramsey, n_gga
i don’t even know that n_gga, f_ck that n_gga though, huh
yeah, n_gga

[verse 2]
it’s breezo, i bust a brick
you n_ggas sad i’m bringin’ bags in like saint nick
lean on me, i got some habits that i can’t kick
got kidney stones f_ckin’ with the drank, now i can’t p_ss
f_ckin’ on these hoes in they stomach, ovarian cysts, uh
shout out to my n_gga stateway
a real bag b_tch, i never ate a steak tray
that one n_gga told on me too, i ain’t from treyway
in lexington f_ckin’ on the k, b_tch, i’m ray j, n_gga
you know what i say?
these hoes steady f_ckin’ up your payment out here
n_gga, you still live with your pops, b_tch, you bayday, n_gga

leakin’ ass_n_gga
move out your daddy house, n_gga