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5ksaint – shego كلمات اغاني


i’m fierce like shego don’t push me like dio ceo no gio can switch moods like ego u gotta pay the fee tho feel like a geek but this geek stay on fleak y’all n_ggas look like freaks broke boi can’t talk unless it business can’t go out cuz of the sickness of fake y’all n_ggas mad just stay awake during my atake getting to the bag blow this mag my energy is electric(static) just bought a patek y’all girl be jacking but i stay racking stacking make it happen i’m the king of my city f_ck that i’m 5k f_ck that i’m c but y’all girl needs this d i got the eternal key broke boi can’t pay the fee yea stay on fleek i’m wheezing got a disease (yea) eat that bytch like chinese wait no or she simease my body feels like mr.freeze feel so vertical like a degrees n_gga so dumb u need a degree (yea what) (degrees yea degrease)