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570jv – digits كلمات اغاني



gang, gang, gang, gang
i’ve been running up them digits
run it back up, i’ve been
i’ve been running up them digits
gang, gang, gang

run it back up, i’ve been running up them digits
360’s with the drifties, these b_tches spinning like a fidget
these n_ggas hating on me because i’m out here trying to get it
n_ggas losers, boy you foolish, how you mad because i’m winning?
boy, you better get your b_tch, she looking at me and she grinning
just by the way she staring at me, i can tell she with it
i pray the lord lord everyday, cause b_tch, i’m always sinning
i’m just getting started with this sh_t, i know it will never finish

[verse 1]
i don’t got no friends, i just want more bands
tell lil’ shawty pop up to the spot and bust it open
i’m getting back to do the simple sh_t, and i ain’t joking
make a rap n_gga dissappear like hocus_pocus (gang)
n_ggas know i got this rapping sh_t hands down
ask your b_tch about me, she know i’m the man now
all these n_ggas from the circus, they some dam clowns
big bands, big bands in my pants now