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509boomin – workaholic كلمات اغاني


taking all these drugs wonder why i don’t feel the same
do she love me do she hate will rely on my fate
i laugh my way through it just so that i can say i’m okay
and all these f-ckin lights on me i know i gotta put on a play
i stick to scripts don’t flip the page she judge the way i came
told the the b-tch she one judges shorty neva look at my face
do want her i don’t need her can never make up
i know she like to do math but to me it just ain’t addin up
i don’t know why she act like a brat she never take sh-t im out like a b-tch
hit up this girl i do it next day she wanna flirt but to me it just gone hurt
i stay on -ssert the percs midly work i don’t need you ima stay coming first
told maryjane im spending my too much told me she got me i still hit the dirt

the wock on my shirt i feel like ghostpurpp
if tha thang tuck don’t make me go out smokepurpp
if a n-gg- don’t pull up then i go out and search
if a n-gg- p-ssy we expose him could do worse
you ain’t done half the sh-t i could teach water works
but then i’d teach you how a n-gg- work
all these bands make her wanna twerk
all these drugs make my chest hurt but im just getting fired up
and i’m just coming rough cause a n-gg- gotta keep it blunt