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504 boyz – them boyz كلمات اغاني


them boyz
(feat. mac, x-con)

who dat n-gg-?
n-gg- you know me? (yeah n-gg- uptown)

watch them boyz, watch them boyz, y’all know them boyz?
you better watch them boyz
watch them boyz, watch them boyz, y’all know them boyz?
you better watch them boyz

see that n-gg- with the slugs he got the gat
see that n-gg- in the black he got the sack
see don’t f-ck with them n-gg-s when they on they sh-t
and don’t f-ck with them n-gg-s in the no-limit clique (ya heard)
see calio boys they don’t give a f-ck
but them 504 boyz they’ll bust you up
when they doin’ bad they’ll rob your -ss
run from the taz then hustle and grab
the one thing my n-gg-s, they don’t stunt
but they’ll f-ck your b-tch then smoke your blunts(ya heard)

[chorus x3]

man look who them n-gg-s with their rag on and the gold teeth?
i know them boys know me
i know them boys heard of me
probally wanna murder me
probally got some n-gg-s outside smokin’ out my ride
but i hope they got they bullett proof vest on
cause i be shootin’ like a fiend shootin’ hairon(heroin)
oh where you from dog (where you from) oh is that right
now get the f-ck before i show you what this mack like
you n-gg-s must be made of (?)
cause y’all just stumbled in the wrong hood trying to get your rap on
tell the d.j. cut the lights on
so we can take it outside and get our motherf-cking fight on


they got me running through this dirty maze i feel a trap
foot prints all through this dirty grave with a (?)
coming (?) with two heaters stuck in my britches
you n-gg-s keep on chasin i’m taking some of you with me
i don’t wanna hurt n-body, tell me if it’s the end
god forgive my sins cause i gots to make it in
tried it playing with the good but my hood is raw
head busters and wig spliters, it’s all them so
aint got time for the game no more hoes always in us
it’s all about the fame now hoe, got you n-gg-s jelous
all the old killers i ran with, let me show y’all the difference
gotta watch them on the streets like i watch them other prisoners

[chorus x2]