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500 miles to memphis – darlin’ كلمات اغاني


going to go out tonight
going to get into a little bit of trouble
the way things are going that sounds about right, because now i’m drunk and wired
by the time i make it to bed
i’ve thirty voices stuck in my head, and i can’t answer all these calls
the way you dial a phone babe, you’ve got a lot of gull

darlin’ darlin’ get up off my back
i’m going nowhere and i ain’t looking back

you’re nagging me out of my mind
you’re helping my habit one day at a time
i know you’re not going to take the blame, but darlin’ i think that’s a shame
when i get home i ain’t going to bed
i’m going to dial your phone thirty times instead
and you’re not going to answer my calls
oh boy you sure got b-lls

darlin’ darlin’
there’s something here i lack
i’m going i’m going
i ain’t got much to pack
darlin’ darlin’
hold that ashtray tight
you’re nervous i’m leaving, i think you’ll be alright