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50 cent – stop crying (’06) كلمات اغاني


what the f_ck is the matter with this n_gga man? man i don’t know what’s wrong with that n_gga man. f_ck is you crying for man? what is the matter? f_ck that n_gga [?]. well this is southside man. it ain’t gonna change. naaaaaw. you know its gonna get worse before it gets better. trust me

[verse 1]
it’s not me and my b_tch, it’s me and my six
me and my p90, and two of them clips
holla at me, my n_ggas put it in for the chips
they’ll k!ll for the bricks, turn em in to the whips
with the shiny shoes, you know how they do
it’s not just a job, it’s a hobby too
i’m bred for this, i was born into it
before i could walk the talk a n_gga momma would do it
stash dope in the diaper, ratchet in my stroller
i was born a gangsta n_gga, now remember i told ya
so when i’m back packing my ratchet, im back on the strip
i’m back flippin, trippin and smacking a b_tch
don’t be suprised or mesmerized how i’m on it
n_gga front and you can get it, now how you want it?
with the razor, with the knife, with the pistol, with the ice

sh_t crazy out here man. it’s hot man, n_ggas ain’t getting no f_cking money. i can tell when they looking at me they like “yo fifty man, help me man”. they crying for help baby. i come through, they like “whaddup”. you know what i mean? they see me baby, i’m with the top down, i got the ac blowing. i’m like “yo, whatup n_gga, nah h_ll no i ain’t stopping. ah_ha_ha. what you want to talk to me about n_gga? no i ain’t got no help for you, i’ll let you hold something. n_gga, i’ll let you hold a hollow tip n_gga. i’m not letting you hold nothing else n_gga, cause i can’t remember these n_ggas letting me hold nothing.” if something wrong with that n_ggas ain’t never letting me borrow nothing! i’m staying out there, f_cked up, now they expect me to do something for them. man f_ck that man!
50 cent