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50 cent – keep it movin كلمات اغاني


“keep it movin”

i’m in the club tryna get me some hoes
or, i’m on the grind tryna get me some dough
i hustle hard, n-gg-s already know
i do what i gotta do and proceed to keep it moving
holla at me if you’re ready to roll
i aint gotta tell you i want you, you already know
i keep my eye on you, while you out on the floor
girl, you turn me on, watching you move to the music

[verse 1:]
i’mma flash the cash you know i’ma get it
you wanna give me the -ss, you know i’m with it
the flows so sick the way i spit it
the say its prolific, lets be specific
can i kick it, yes i can
you rocking with fifty fifty and timbaland
we are not the same n-gg- now understand
i do what i want boy, you do what you can
everythings going according to plan, no more
cause signing them all hand to hand
my new hustle bring millions in
d-mn what a difference between now and then
ha ha, you see it, you really believe it
when i done came up, and i aint changed up
i’m in the house with the toaster yo
things are going how they supposed to go


[verse 2:]
this is what you been missing
i’m back in position, i listen
theres n-body better, you know i go hard for the cheddar
the drama i bring it, way, way better than i sing it
gotta put in work to ring the bells, my name ringing
it’s murder on the dancefloor when my songs on
my compet-tion just sit on the type of sh-t i’m on
we keep it going, til it, til it, til it break of dawn
i aint the one that you should be fronting or faking on
stunt if you want, my n-gg-s will have your jacob on
i’m so ghetto, they say i’m so gutta
i don’t dance, i be in the cut like “what up”
you know my style, know me, everywhere i go
i aint gotta say a word man, they already know
i’m a no-nonsense n-gg- that flow
annoying conversation if it aint about dough
but if you tryna get it, i’m with it
i’m all in? for sho.