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3s – rude كلمات اغاني


808 made this one
urban kulture sound

[verse 1: kfrmda3s]
take risk daylight or night
i’m switching my knife, this rambo’s sweet (rambo’s sweet)
now points come free
i’ll make her tea drip you’ll think it’s deeps
test my sk!ll, let’s glide to the hill
completing that drill, who’s anti_3s? (complete that drill)
lowe me please, it’s like the akhis don’t like this beef
out on the 4’s where doors get popping (skrr, skrr)
run slow, then my bro don’t miss (don’t miss)
still laugh when i see man dropping
in due time when the paigon slips (ching, ching)
spill some juice on the pavement, stopping
it’s that time when they inject diss (twist that up)
leave man coughing, big rambo gonna tear up kids
spot turn red, i’m backing the t
don’t open the door, just peek
flip this pack, in the same nike track’
i’m in the next trap, didn’t get no sleep
got that size, i know that b will make him come back like a [?]
bro done dirt in the ding, that’s cheap
i heard he got whacked by my broski t (where you going?)
[verse 2: jtrizzy]
got paigons on my stainless, it’s rude (rude)
you don’t wanna see me in the 2’s
when this stick rise up like she sent me nudes
if you’re onto the gang, that’s cute (that’s cute)
get blood on my shoes, looks better than loubs
back the sam out, tryna turn him zoot (trying)
my broski came too loose
the way he chopped m like his head was fruit (eurgh)
i put asfar in a coma, when he woke up he was feeling new
back my rambo, see a paigons goo
carrera stab_proof, still get that through (still get that)
the way i put guys on the news
i guess it’s my fault how luton’s viewed (it is)
_____ didn’t make no moves
like a statue when his bowl got juiced (ching, ching)
on a glide, ain’t saying a thing
the way got chinged, can’t lie it was naughty (naughty)
and i really can’t tell my shawty about the drillings, she might feel poorly
opp block get charged like porties
i’m in _____, rinsed that .40 (bow)
trigs screaming “don’t bore me”
tell him shut up like my name was stormzy (shut up)

[interlude: kfrmda3s]
i have no clue what the jakes might find
i don’t have time, i’ll burn it (burn it)
in love with the t, no kermit
grab that green, make a young g serve it
this line keeps twerking, bro’s too certain
the g back can’t come short (no way)
spill juice, man i love that pork
‘course i do love how _____ got shot (ching)
[verse 3: kfrmda3s]
oh sh_t, didn’t learn, bro’s taking turns
got juiced up times two
out on the ride gotta find that yute
_____ got touched and the talk is mute (some d_ckhead)
last time had to leave that coop’ in the 2s
then fill up the tank from e (skrr, skrr)
this ding_dong’s cheap, best use them feet
or the rambo knife i’ll bleach (bleach)
keep it, if i don’t, i’ll lack
jt’s in the back with the sharpest shaver (bu, bu)
tryna cop an a3, no paper
waves came fill to the max no vapour (bu)
shout out bro, real opp chaser
made man hop that hurdle (where you going?)
gang still gave verbal
f____ held up when his clart turned purple (ching, ching, ching, ching)

[verse 4: jtrizzy]
grip rambzis and put him through h_ll (through h_ll)
ain’t nuttin’ like gordon’s kitchen
or him, gave him a chinging
bare feathers like i bored one chicken (yuck)
i had _____, he was swimming
in the deep end me and broski’s fishing (had)
where’s sh___ tho, he’s missing
bring him to life and a pack and bill him (bill that)
he ain’t coming back like tikkun
f_ck that, he’s a riz no cap (spliff)
i just turnt that d_ckhead pack
had to shot that, cah’ he just came back
tryna give man pain, no max
it’s 2020, tell her “stay in trash” (trash)
lil’ man got his d_ckhead splashed
back the 15 and handle that (handle)
now he can’t wear his plaits
me and my blade done tangled that (untangling)
got steel like [?] axe
splash a party, we cancelled that (we did)
try turn fat boy to a buddy
need an 8 f_g to fit in that (fit)
_____ can’t chat on crud
first he got slapped, then he got blammed (blammed)
808 made this one