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3s – back 2 back كلمات اغاني


trayle, drill this
trayle, this sounds f_cking cold

[verse 1: jtrizzy]
take a man down for his nike, do it, do it
i told bro_bro just do him
two strikers, black blade just go through him
watch a man dash, pull up and knew it
yes they want beef so let’s get to it, to it
make a man buck like louis
talk about grave my blade go through him
ain’t know my batch gon’ do him

[verse 2: izzy34s]
sat_rday i might back it in person
sunday coming, might praise and worship, worship (bow)
we had the the gyaldem [?] (bow)
why? cah’ grave got the whole scene twerking (woo)
certain, running, was the verbal worth it?
shush got touched in the [?] day learning (touched)
and a boy don’t listen
h_lla man cut when the ding_dong’s spinning

[verse 3: jtrizzy]
i spill blood, i’m on crud
opps can’t talk ’bout violence (they can’t)
i’ve been ’round there on a gliding
riding, see an opp boy and knife him (ching)
want me dead? keep trying
say i got shanked in my chest, stop lying (stop lying)
like why the opp boy love hyping?
type, tell your og’s stop dying (stop dying)
[verse 4: izzy34s]
i beg man don’t get your whole face burnt off (whacked)
we hang in the ride in the opp block
coming like the whole gang’s wiped a smile off (way)
your marje’s get bricked and dipped
like _____ mum, you don’t wanna get turnt off (off)
i’ll skid to your block with the rocket
.321, watch the hand ting blast off (skrr, skrr, skrr, skrr, skrr, skrr)
like, watch the hand ting blast off

[verse 5: jtrizzy]
cross the low bridge (cross that)
social services, ’cause, i’m gonna take those kids (take them)
125 what it is, i dare man get their chicken and chips (i dare them)
you might get your forehead wigged
bareback shanks in your flesh, get ripped (shh)
nuff’ times we’ve taped off rings
chizz, the council must be p_ssed
got packs, like, can’t get ticked

[verse 6: izzy34s]
go ask remz how i crashed that hammer, hammer (bow)
freeze is a brilliant slapper (bow)
come like hannah, well known slapper (slapper)
had no wap and he still got stabbed up (stab)
back up, i think man’s spotted an askar (sh_t)
tell obus, cah’ done did a mazza (p_ssed)
your boy got gwaler, it was all on camera (free k)
free k1, he’s a well known rider (free k)