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2pac – check it out (1988 acapella) كلمات اغاني


[ace rocker & 2pac]
you all forget how bad born busy was
and i do we will be without a sound, we go down in history

[chorus: 2pac & ace rocker]
check it out!
check it out!

[verse 1: ace rocker & 2pac]
born busy, geyeah!, it was stupid while i
see ya, all the sucka mc stutter, and the amateurs [?]
they kick it hard, but we harder
and they just can’t cope, we kickin’ bass in ya face
and the rhymes dope (so check it out!)
always check all the bass and keep the suckas attacked
[?] saw the last rap track
hey jack, ’cause i’m black, some coming at ya
and tell your body there was crew as hard as you!
who grab the mic, holding tight wearing subtible form
that i’ll rock, i’ll rock [?] on
silly move back to rhythm to the[?] if you are[?]
[] stop until i whip hardstands
we strong and getting stronger, the strong will survive
while the weak is getting weaker and the weak is gon’ stop
if [?] b_tches can’t hide, and look when i’m [?]
[chorus: 2pac & ace rocker]
check it out!
check it out!

[verse 2: ace rocker & 2pac]
stop, look listen [] dissin’
[?] stay i’m sure, to be missin’
the show will [?], and the rhymes we make
we could do masterpiece, or remain ya slave
can we move with the slang!
turn the bass we got people body body all over the place
when me and ace came in, the party was off_board
but now they can’t even get it across the dancefloor, come on!
check it out, [?] the beat now move you feet in sound
and just stand, clap your hands while i’m breaking it down
crew was better dope, didn’t you addicted to beat? rhymes
yo we be throwing, drop her[?] knees, it’s unbelievable
i can’t believe you keep going, the [?] while i’m [?] barely going
if we ever [?], i told the coward’ll be p_ssed
because i all i two from the crew would be [?] and p_ssed
so dance but don’t stop until the beat is complete
i wanna see your body sick to every groove of the beat
’cause when born busy is on the mic [?]
silly suckers try to fight it, but they coughing and choke!
so perpetrate and beware, don’t get stupid and stare
’cause if you do me and my crew, we knock the back in your chairs
[chorus: 2pac & ace rocker]
check it out!
check it out!

[verse 3: ace rocker & 2pac]
we comin’ on, strong, we will [?] in eyes of the crowd
so rock on you appplaud, in [?]
ain’t no wolves, we the boss
turn the bass up loud
united states suckas scared of [?] of the crowds
so stay back, you dumb and and clap y’all
and just remember born busy will back y’all
then check it out