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2glocktanaa – teen titans! كلمات اغاني



they done f_cked up getting me back in the ‘stu cause now i’m taking sh_t down!
now ill beat a n_gga ass for the clout, now ill buy a b_tch a bag for the mouth
i spy 1,2,3,4,5,6 b_tch n_ggas i’m tryna lay sum down
i’m tryna make sh_t shake, i’m tryna make sh_t shake, earthquake
all this orange vlone on my body i walked in looking like slade, titan!
electric! when we slide onna n_gga block we gone hit sh_t up real quick like lightning
beef! when you see me in the street get violent, n_gga shoot at me f_ck typing
geeked! n_gga i’m so high i’m that i’m flying, matter fact i’m so high i’m diving
matter fact i’m so fly, i’m flying, n_gga so fresh i don’t need trident
beat a lil b_tch from the back, okay! she tried to walk look like she dying
i got a cup of that red dead, i’m not a cowboy i’m not riding

(red, dead redemption i’m not a cowboy i’m not_ ahh!)

[verse 2]
cup of that red and i’m not riding
i’m in the hood but i’m not dying
she f_ck with the kid and i’m not spying
she just threw it back but i’m just sighing

(ayee! ok? aye aye aye pop! pop! pop! pop!)

[verse 2]
boy that’s the glock boy that’s them thirtiesss!
them n_ggas wolfing im not worriedddd!
mamma said “why yo cup so dirtyyy?” prolly cause i’m sick of them perkyyy’s
don’t try beef, this sh_t get jerkyyy!
don’t try to run up, lil n_gga that’s wraps
he not a shooter that boy just rap
he not on sh_t, that boy just capped
i can’t leave the house, cause i just stepped
i can’t even lift, cause i just flexed
you can’t even skip, cause im up next
you can’t name a b_tch that i ain’t wrecked

(uh, you can’t name a_ whooo!)