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27reeves – disconnectedfromreality كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
roll it up and take a hit
i twist the smoke and light the spliff
i hate all of ’em fake ass b_tches
y’all are just sum f_ckin’ snitches
riding real slow
in the north and in the south
with that ’64 impala
smith & wesson in your mouth
stop calling my phone
i know my number’s 666
and if you pull up at my home
the devil will creep out and snitch
with the blade, got the papers
in the front and in the trunk
because we’re rolling up for luck
i bury that body it smells like skunk
i do that sh_t myself, i never go right home to sell
i’m swervin’ back and forth on highway 90
rather go to h_ll than give them h_ll
’cause they my friends
i’m driving cheap can’t get no benz
and i’m just minding my own business
better watch out in the end i’m swervin’
all black, pistol swayed
rollin’ up i can’t be saved
it’s 2700 times ago when i got f_cking paid
getting all the sh_t i have
i’m f_cking selling up for grabs
all of you don’t know sh_t
’bout where you at or if you getting cash
i wanna make my life come true
if that’s what i’m supposed to do
it’s addict27, turn your brains into some f_cking stew
smoking loud in the stu’
and y’all just breeding like a zoo
it’s that mysticphonk bullsh_t
like i never knew you
you know me, champagne freezing
light turn red and we were speeding
intersection bout to crash
and everyone is barely breathing
stop tryna hit me up
because i know all you just fiending
can’t even come here round in florida
cause i know all you just scheming