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279tyler – plays freestyle كلمات اغاني


yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
digital world club
tyler, yeah, aye

no open casket funeral he got shot in the face
y’all so behind us, y’all really gotta pick up the pace
i don’t got time for b_tches, i only got time all of them plays
yeah i’m eating so good now, yeah i know they all wanna plate
but you can’t have none yeah, cause all y’all too late
yeah, and y’all too faced, i just love countin’ up all this cake
they like tyler how much you make?
more than you in just one day
they want sum from me
f_ck off you ain’t getting sh_t from me
money ain’t what i want it’s what i need
skipping states yeah, f_ck a plea
your b_tch she is too ugly
glock close yeah it’s always hugging me, yeah