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279tyler – lean interlude كلمات اغاني


prod by glacier, b_tch

i fell in love, in love with the lean
kickin’ sh_t with icey, and he poppin’ them beans
i’m with idb, cause that be my team
kickin’ sh_t with your b_tch, call me jet li
they wanna be me, they be copying me
they stalking my page, i know that they see me
they looking at me, cause this offwhite my tee
and my giuseppes, all up on my feet
if you want a verse, that’s gone be a fee
so much dirty fanta, now i gotta pee
what’s a half? buy them p’s
your b_tch a freak, and she wanna suck me
luxi bought a new glock and it came with a beam
serving these percs, to all these fiends
my belt shinin’, yeah, it’s a b.b
that hoe for the night, she can’t be my lady
i spent a band on this sh_t, no it ain’t cheap
with the crew, yeah, we ridin’ 5 deep
we gone put that lil boy 6 feet
5 people 5 poles with me
light him up like a christmas tree
i’m a be arrogant, til i d.i.e
i’m a sip this lean, til i d.i.e
smoking on this cherry, p.i.e
lookin’ so d_mn flee
please don’t test me
i got that gl!ck on me
send him to his dead homies
and i put that on me
on me, yeah
[verse 2]
feelin’ so slow, off a this lean
when you gettin’ money, friends turn to enemies
they just want your g’s
they just want you rcheese
can’t have that around me
day ones around me
i’m so arrogant, it’s always about me
i can’t help it though, cause i love me
you boys so broke, you ain’t get no money
i can’t relate, you be so fake
countin’ up all this cake
on my hip i got that k
shoot a f_ckboy in his face, yeah, yeah