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23global – str8 drop كلمات اغاني


pistol on me
i won’t do the fussin

if i start to punchin, imma go to bussin

why you jumpin n_gga?
i ain’t even fittin to do you nuttin

f_ck some paper man im bout to start punchin

raw sent me a dead body
now i gotta put it in the morgue, or somethin

camoflauge all over my body
look like a young n_gga want war, or somethin

in the race likes
to the racks black
im trynna stack up all the money

im on big business i dont wanna hit the mall or nuttin

b_tch i been busy thats why i ain’t answer my phone or nuttin
you ain’t want sh_t anyway

my signal goin out im on the interstate

life gave a n_gga a n_gga so many lemons i had to make lemonade

young n_gga got so many b_tches man i should of went on elimidate

boy these b_tches is a headache
im trynna send a b_tch way to italy

you can keep that b_tch dawg
if she dont bring back a dinner plate

raw tunes i got you

you dont know how much we fittin to make