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2007myspacegirl – crystal vision كلمات اغاني


i’m in a castle and crazy can’t dismantle
can’t give out the sauce but here’s a sample
you care about her [?] hats f_cking stupid
i can’t show my thoughts im f_cking lucid

going insane, imma lose it
if you got the power then go use it
i got lots of spells, i’ll abuse it
imma cut off heads of some not cool with

i fly around, angel wings i’ll take off, pack my things 
spending like on holiday, staying indoors on a friday 
i’ll be flexing at the gates 
i use magic to feel great
haunted, i’m haunted spotlight, im spotted

i can’t go outside today something out calling my name
b_tch, get the f_ck out my face, you up in my personal sp_ce
i can only leave when its dark out
everybody hate the way that i talk but

i don’t give a f_ck, im not changing for no one
i’ve always been bad you will be hanging when i’m?
i just sing for fun, wasteclub we all run
shout out everyone 
he been getting some

b_tch i’m in the game coach calling me a starter
sitting on the bench that make you a bench warmer
i can’t even lie, all these crystals in my eyes
f_ck around and die guarantee no [?]