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2 chainz, lil wayne, & benny the butcher – la la la كلمات اغاني


[intro: 2 chainz]
this where it started at
bars k, k know what this is
ay, ay, ay woadie
them n_ggas i was tellin’ ya about
me, wayne, and them griselda n_ggas

[verse 1: 2 chainz]
checkerboard luggage
raymond in the cupboard
i left (?) with a sculpture
you listening to the lyrical nunchuck
chuckling dumbf_cks
vocals warmed up, beyond ford tough
i kept my lawn cut
(?) conduct
i got my arm out the window of an armed truck
(?) when you hear the trucks roll up
on cleveland avenue made plays at the kroger
came up on cold cuts
heart got a hole in it
bank got a roll in it
the (?) came with a pole in it
they coming in so big i need a stove in it
now that’s deep i just dove in it
the closet came with garage doors
the goyard is on all fours
i do this sh_t for encores
i did this sh_t in tom ford
they said i’m on four
i’m so fly i looked up and said get on boy
it’s the man, it’s the myth, in the midst of the minks
with the m’s on my mind in maui taking pics
motivated by more that mean
i want more of this, more jewelry
more cars i want more cribs
what you expect from a kid
that grew up with his stomach touching his rib
echos coming from out the fridge
my papa was a rolling stone i thought you knew that
don’t smoke no cig but i’ll shoot at true facts

[interlude: lil wayne]
you know what i mean?
my lighter saint laurent
that saint laurent fire
you gotta hold your hand mid air when you do a verse like this

[verse 2: lil wayne]
hoppin’ out of slide outs
runnin’ through a walk through
coupe on big wheels like a pony wearing horseshoes
tall money, short fuse
long money, long “oohs”
champagne papi part two
she my corkscrew
tattoos over war wounds
wrist look like its on zoom
neck look like anime
a cartoon’s art to him
i got the spikes on the gucci
look like bart to him
give the nikes
let me add some comme des garçons to ’em
verses in my lunch bag
rappers on my launch pad
choppers make him do the criss cross
or make him jump dance
lump sum hump bands
what’s a young man without a check?
just a jumpman
f_ck that, jordan meme
imma sip some lean get a ting and go quarantine
imma get some bling let it bling like some oil sheen
imma put some f_cking princess cuts on the queen
and i keep all of the chin check stubs i redeem
this our team, my regime, i’m a higher being
purple smoke, fire green
sweet and sour cream
peaking high and now we’re towering
peak position give my people power
now we power fiends
this addiction feeling like a boxer stepping out the ring
you swing and miss and critically think
about the critics of your critical condition
i’m in pitiful condition, scratch that
but who is switching teams
’cause the union did it
tune and tity, young money, tru religion

[interlude: lil wayne]
saint laurent lighter
i got “stoner_virus” too
her right there? she got “patron_a_virus”
and her over there? she wouldn’t let me f_ck so now she got “loner_virus”
ay stop leasin’ n_ggas
we gotta get that “homeowner_virus” right here

[verse 3: benny the butcher]
they was laughin’
but we was smart drug trafficking
we was sharks
i had to chase the paper down until we trapped the money in (?)
kinda crazy
my last date was the shortest
and she didn’t wait for me
spent half my 20s in prison and aged gracefully
it’s paper, you know we (?)
and you be fine
i put my fork down now every major want me to sign
left the hood, for hollywood
it wasn’t worth being famous
for every chick got a beamer and a personal trainer
i’m into business (?), she into paris fashion
it cost me at least 20 grand a year when the head relaxes
love i done inherited music was both of my parents’ passion
my name come up, we been talkin’ dope and comparing classics
stare at me good, ’cause this how pressure look
they want my spot but tryna skip every step i took
i wish ’em the best of luck
i asked a question, and he gave me an answer
that still left a n_gga confused like (?)
back home i’m one of the narcos, semi autos
dodge fans like new york city potholes
yeah, the og’s think, that it’s funny
money made me more hungry
’cause majority wait til they chubby
and they get (?)
get that first case then you learn to appreciate
all the risks you gotta take
to turn a (?) to a (?)
checkin’ in on my hood
like i hope all is well
i’m still close to my scale
we like oprah and g_yle