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2-20 – foxtrot كلمات اغاني



move one foot ,followed by other x3
lets foxtrot
move one foot ,followed by other x3
lets foxtrot

(verse 1 )

don’t take a g_nius , to know girls can rip you to pieces
i wrote about one so much , i could properly lay a thesis
it ain’t no secret ,i let things rome with inside my dome without permission but listen i’m aware its my deepest weakness

i treat a girl how she suppose to be treated
n0ble ,don’t explode like chern0byl, jealousy not one to keep it
i simply breathe , awww,then float on these vocals
i’m not impressed how you be so invested all in them socials

i wanna bring you out for food, michelin restaurant
make you feel like you home, you can wear the dress that you want
i’ve been with girls before but you the best of them
keep on track like esteban, maybe i could get this dance


(verse 2)
action speaks , my momma didn’t raise no man of lies
i am what i advertise , i bring you what you fantasize
yeah your soul so rich, i stare in them capital eyes
plus i cherish all that warmth yeah i capitalize

you help me repair whats broken
wrong of me to say that giggle is less then golden,.
you rub your delicate hands on my back and release all the stress i’m holden. i wanna bring you to that cabin on shore,no alternate motives

so lets glide like tectonics , bring you places thats tropic
obligated to respect like you like you were a monnoco monic
i am a gentleman, and this my favorite jam
so would you do the honor and maybe take this dance