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1magine – stupid كلمات اغاني


1magine _ stupid (official lyrics)

boy you stupid think you f_ckin wit the kid?
mix the perc with henny and let them b_tches settle in
let my brody pop you i ain’t good at wrestlin
you n_ggas full of estrogen
you think i’m broke b_tch guess again
need some work _ hit lito yea he my favorite mexican
everything i say on bible i’m like a f_cking testament
l!ck my f_cking t_st_cl_s
i only want the decimals
i took bean and wrote the hardest verse but it’s illegible
this is not a prescription
all my b_tches submissive
think this sh_t the nfl she do so many positions
check this n_gga paperwork he actin suspicious
i be doing too much janky sh_t to claim i’m a christian
in the mountains off the zaza packs
i know the ass fat show me where them tatas at
i’m tryna m_m_m grab her godd_mn tracks
i’m not a rapper this sh_t landed on my godd_mn lap
play the cards i was dealt
i feel the best when i’m off something very bad for my health
my girl a trophy n_ggas tryna steal her ass off the shelf
ain’t have no daddy figure had to me the man for myself
got n_ggas who will shoot no question but ill handle myself
sierra leone my diamond charm
act like you swipin but dont even own a f_cking card
and i run a check right through the wall b_tch im juggernaut
with a baddie i really don’t care if f_ck or not
you n_ggas soft _and sweet like b_tterscotch
boy you smoke mids can you please turn it up a notch
speed outta eagle ridge hope we don’t get f_cking pop
and we almost made it out before they started bustin shots
only the worst of the worst is who i be with
aye i’m on a search for the perc i feel like b smith
my n_gga hit his target first shot you used up 3 clips
you a f_cking bum how you a fan but want some free sh_t
rapping n_ggas love to sh_t talk i made him eat some
in the bed wit 2 hoes gettin head this ain’t a 3 sum
everything i got exotic like my weed and my b_tch
she ain’t from another country that just mean that she strip
i’m from the 810 i get love in the d tho
every b_tch from here keep asking me if i know rio
we never met but i said yea to f_ck the freak ho
left the ho on read after she told me she a leo